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Rich profiles

Invite members to create media-rich profiles with interests, hobbies, work experience, and more. Profiles can be downloaded to create a beautifully-designed, personalized CV in one tap.


Members can create and share blog posts, articles, and video content with others. Tag videos and view stories from other members to boost engagement and bond. Use (with permission!) member-generated content to fuel your social media channels and other marketing campaigns.


Post events, send out invites, organize ticket sales, and watch your community connect and grow. Bridge the gap between virtual community-building and real, shared experiences.

Member matching

The app generates a dynamic list of suggested contacts for each user based on location, interests, hobbies, shared connections, and more. Invite 10 or 10,000 people to join your community to help members expand their network. Match with people in your area to meet up in person.

Instant messaging

Send and receive messages freely and securely to individuals, groups, and event participants. Create chat rooms with groups and coordinate meeting up in-person. Nearby restaurant recommendations make it easy to take an in-app conversation offline.

Groups & message boards

Join groups to participate in forums and discussion boards, post job opportunities, and participate in conversations.

Security and privacy

Flexible and rigorous privacy settings keep your members safe. Members can toggle on and off to make their profile visible or private. Any PII is encrypted, as is all messaging communications are encrypted in our database. Restrict access to the app at different levels. Require photo ID, email domain, or a specific phone number to safeguard access to the entire app.


Create tracks to share your music or podcasts with your community members.


Know exactly what your community prefers and likes by creating polls for your members to participate in.

Live Conversations

Bring your conversations to life, by bringing your community members together to discuss different topics through audio and video conversations.

Your app, your brand

The app is fully customized to look and feel like your brand at every touchpoint. Offer a great user experience from the app store listing to the onboarding process and beyond.


Use different tools to monetize your community and earn money. You can create subscription packages, sell premium content, event tickets, and request one-time payments within your community.


Bring your e-commerce shop to your community, this will allow you to display and sell your shop items through your community on Vyoo With a few simple steps, your Shopify store can be linked to your community.

So much more

We're constantly working on improving Vyoo and introducing new features. If you have any ideas or feedback that you'd like to share please contact us.