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By defining your goals, interests, and completing the sections in your profile, you will help us to find better matches, events, groups, and places for you.

If you encounter any problems accessing your account, reach out to us at

You can download Vyoo for free on your mobile device from the App Store and Google Play.

Your goals and interests are essential for us in order to be able to find you tailor-fit matches, events, groups, and places.

Vyoo enables you to meet people around you, based on your profile, goals, and interests.

Your Vyoo ability allows others to know that you are open and available to connect. When Vyooable, potential matches will be able to send you connection requests and message you through the app. When your Vyoo ability is turned off, others will not be able to connect with you or message you. In order to use the app to its fullest potential, we recommend that you keep your Vyoo ability on

In an era of full technological development and fast networks, people have never been so distant. We have all of the measures to connect with people but yet we only do so within the comfort of our home. Our mission is to make a revolutionary outbreak and bring people together, not only to connect with each other through the app but actually to meet and bond in person and create a meaningful connection.

You can connect with potential matches by sending them a connection request or a direct message.

Groups on Vyoo are built in order to bring people with shared interests and goals together. You can join different groups in your area to communicate about topics of interest or you can create your own groups and invite others to join.

Vyoo will ask for your location permission in order for you to use the app to it's fullest extent.\nYou can enable your location from the Settings of your mobile device.

We match you with people based on the goals, interests, and information you provide us through your Vyoo profile. In order to help us to better match you with people, update your profile information, including your goals and interests.

Update your profile information, including your goals and interests in order to find better matches.

Whenever users aren't Vyooable, it would not be possible to connect with them or send them a message, however, in order to give you the best user experience on Vyoo, we ask you to give us feedback on people that we find for you in order for us to better understand how to best match you.

When you provide feedback on profiles we suggest, the users will not be notified and will not know what feedback you have provided. We use your feedback to understand if those suggested profiles are a good match for you and to give you the best experience on Vyoo.

You can change your email address through the Contact Info section on your profile. Once you change your email address there, you will be able to login with that email address the next time.

You can change your phone number through the Contact Info section on your profile. Once you change your phone number there, you will be able to login with that number the next time.

You can post a story through the dashboard, you can tap on your profile picture on the dashboard screen and that will open the story creation screen, or you can go to Story Manager in your profile to create and manage your stories.

Update the filters on the dashboard screen in order to find people, events, groups, or places nearby. If you still are unable to see people, events, groups, or places; update your profile information, including your goals, interests and make sure to complete the sections in your profile.

You can create a group by tapping on the + icon on the Groups page, this will allow you to create a group by filling in the group photo and details and tapping Create Group

You can only invite people to a group when you're the admin/moderator of the group or if you're already a joined member of the group. You can invite people by tapping on the Invite button which will show you the list of your connections which you can invite to the group

You can create an event by tapping on the + icon on the Events page, this will allow you to create an event by filling in the event details and tapping on Create